Dead or Alive!?

Cuauhtémoc Zoquiapa

            Dead or alive, you’re coming with me! The first Robocop movie was made in 1987. The director of the movie was Paul Verhoeven. A remake of the movie was made in 2014 and it was directed by Jose Pedilha. The remake was a good movie but they left out certain important things from the original movie.

            The crowd at the premier of the movie, Robocop, created a positive atmosphere. The crowd was surprised with all the detail and all the action that happened throughout the movie. The crowd roared like a loin when they first saw the Robocop. “The movie had high quality effects throughout the whole movie” ( The crowd was very surprised by the work that the director put together to make the movie. Nothing makes a premier greater than having an audience who really enjoys the outstanding work put into the movie.

            The movie its self was very exciting and it was better than anyone thought it would be. This is because the movie had most of the parts that the original did but looked better with all the new graphics. The graphics were futuristic, as the hover car of the future. This is because of the new technology to recreate the same story as before just better. For instance, the main character is the same and he is also a police officer from Detroit who is badly wounded by a drug lord. Therefore, the movie was loved because it kept some of its originality.

            Lastly, the story line of the movie was very bad. While the graphics were good throughout the movie some of the original scenes were missing. Those missing scenes were like the missing history of the world. The setting of the movie being in the future and the futuristic graphics were trying to cover the fact that the original story line was missing. Although the remake had high quality graphics it doesn’t compare to the original movie.

            The Robocop remake was a great movie. This is because of all the high unique quality of effects in the movie. The only downside of the movie is that it didn’t have some of the original scenes. Therefore, the movie Robocop was a great movie, but now I wonder if they will remake the other movies of the series.